Monday, April 9, 2012

The Humor In Belly Button Tattoos

Tattoos have been around for centuries. Many tribes use tattoos as an expression of some sort. For example, some cultures will tattoo young boys when they turn a certain age. This is a representation of them entering man hood.

Where I live, in America, many people get tattoos for different reasons. Most of the time it makes a indicates a certain expression. Other times many people like the way it looks. There are many different designs that represent many different things. Some people who get tattoos may have many different interpretations of what they think it means to them.

Tattoo placement is a one thing that has caught my eye in the last week. Belly button tattoos are catching my eye more. I see a lot of people who get tattoos on their belly button, get it to be humorous. I start thinking maybe these people are more in the tattoo for the humor instead of the making a statement of some sort.

Different Kinds Of Belly Button Tattoos

You can really get creative with belly button tattoos. What I see most people do is make designs that make the image look like a butt-hole. I know this sounds funny, but I see it all of time.

I have seen a design of someone's belly button used as Bart Simpson's butt-hole. I have also seen a design of a women and...well use your imagination. I have seen others, I can go all day naming them.

However, I have also seen belly button tattoos that are not gross, and look very beautiful. I have seen a flower type of design around the belly. There people who like to get a star around it as well. This is obviously not for humor purposes, but because it looks good. It may also be that they are trying to make a statement in some way as well.

Is it Safe to get a tattoo on or around your navel area?

I have talked to many people who have belly button tattoos, and asked them how safe it is. Does the tattoo designer know if it safe or not? Can you infect the navel area by accidentally going inside the navel? the answers I have gotten, is that it is safe. It just as safe as getting one on your arm or anywhere else. You can get just as infected anywhere else you place a tattoo on your body.

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