Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hawaiian Tattoo Designs - Culture and Tradition of Hawaiian Tattoo Designs

Hawaiian tattoos
Beaches... Hawaii is part of the Polynesian islands which is known for its virgin beaches and exotic flowers. But, there are more than just beaches and flowers that Hawaii has to offer. Its culture is what most people get interested in when they get to visit the island.

One fascinating culture in Hawaii is the important aspect of tattooing just as with the other parts of the Polynesian islands. Tattooing is one of the very important rituals in Hawaiian culture, like praying to a tattoo god each time one member of their community commits to a tattoo.

With the island's very rich culture, no wonder how influential the Hawaiian tattoo designs are. Today, the most popular designs are:

    Sea Turtles
    Abstract tribal

Here's one thing you should find very interesting, more than its popular Hawaiian tattoo designs, the Hawaiians' purposes for tattooing are not primarily for fashion trend. As a ritual, most tattoos represent these few intentions:

    Mourning for a lost loved one
    The charm of Talisman for protection from evil spirits
    Personal identification which community or group you represent

Hawaiian Tattoo Designs

    Hawaiian Flowers

There are numerous Hawaiian tattoo designs to indulge with. The Hawaiian state flower, Hibiscus, is the most popular flower designs. Orchid are endangered species, and this design would symbolically represent a "rare beauty."

    Hawaiian Tribal Designs

Tribal designs situated on several body parts: for males - the legs, arm and torso; for females: the hands, wrist and tongue; and Hawaiian Band and arms Tattoos: These are commonly placed on legs and arms and referred to as traditional Hawaiian tattoo designs.

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