Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Heart Tattoo Designs - Cool Heart Tattoos

heart tattoo

Sacred Heart Tattoos
Sacred heart tattoo designs represent a strong religious belief and the sacred heart is most often seen in the Catholic church and other followings of the Christian faith.

Heart tattoo designs became some of the most popular tattoos around ever since the 90's. The main reason these kinds of designs are so popular today is because they are extremely easy to customize and design. This means you can get a nice looking tattoo with a lot of meaning behind it. In this report, I am going to be going to help you find the perfect heart design you are looking for by asking you five W's. Who, What, When, Where, and Why


Before you get a tattoo, you need to know exactly who you are getting it for. By answering that question you will be able to give the tattoo much more meaning. Maybe the tattoo is just for yourself, maybe it is for your current love, or maybe it is for your ex love.


What kind of heart are you looking for? As weird as this may sound, there are plenty of different hearts out there. Some tattoo's have cupids arrow going through it symbolizing love. Others have a knife going through it symbolizing a torn heart.


It is extremely important that you know dates of when stuff happened. Some people like to put the date of when they fell in love, when they got engaged, or when they got married. When was your marriage? What day did you get engaged? Adding a date to your tattoo can really help make it personal for you.


Where did the person break your heart? Where was the honeymoon? You can add some incredibly cool things to your tattoo if you know where it happened.


Out of all the questions, this is the most important one. Why do you want to get the tattoo? Do you just want to look cool or do you want there to actually be some meaning behind the tattoo? If you can figure out exactly why you want to get the tattoo then your process for choosing heart tattoo designs will be much quicker.

Look at each one of those questions. Do you notice anything they all had in common? All five of those questions each had a personal answer. My answers would be completely different than your answers. This proves it will be a unique and personal tattoo.

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