Tuesday, December 28, 2010

tattoo me now ink tattoo designs

la ink tattoo designs

There’s something about watching the show L.A. Ink that makes you want to go out and get a custom tattoo. But they don’t give tattoos to just anyone; you have to have a good story and know where to go to get cast on the show. With a little bit of know-how, you could be featured on the next episode and get a custom tattoo on L.A. Ink, too.

Go to the L.A. Ink casting website and fill out the proper forms to get your submission seen by the producers. You first need to submit your birthday, so they know you’re over 18. Then you fill out your name and address and specifics of the tattoo that you want to get on the show. You’ll also have to agree to pay a $100 deposit if you are cast to appear on the show.

Know what type of tattoo you want to get on L.A. Ink. Find a handful of pictures or drawings that contain things that you want to include in your cusom tattoo. The artist will add her own spin to it, but if you have something that you want to duplicate, have a photo ready. You’ll be asked to upload the photos during the submission process.

Have a good back story. Wanting a tribal band or a dragon because they look cool won’t win you a spot on L.A. Ink. You need to have a heartwarming story behind your tattoo.

Look good on camera. You need to submit a photo of yourself during the online application process, so have a good JPEG image of yourself ready.

Livd near Los Angeles or be willing to fly there. The producers of the show won’t pay for your airfare, accommodations or even the tattoo itself, so if you don’t live in the area, you need to have the money to get there for the taping.

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